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Contacting our Office
Please be reassured that, when calling our office, your call will be answered by a person, capable of assisting you with your needs. We understand the anxiety that frequently accompanies the patient that is contacting our clinic, and it is our sincere desire to provide assistance. We will schedule your appointment at the earliest available time, usually within a week's time, unless otherwise requested. You will be asked to bring your x-ray films, ultrasound films, physician referral, and insurance information to your appointment. If you do not bring this necessary information to your visit and we need to contact and obtain reports from other offices you may be delayed.

Please bring the following to your appointment :

- Mammogram films and reports
- Ultrasound films and reports
- Outside pathology reports
- Outside imaging reports
- List of medications
- Pre-assessment forms
- Insurance card
- Insurance referral

Office Policy
It is our policy to offer you the time and expertise necessary to fully and thoroughly attend to your medical needs regardless of the effort and time required. Please realize that the prime goal of our practice is caring for your wellness.

Estimated Time for Consults
We understand that your time is valuable and it is our intent to streamline office visits in a productive and efficient manner. Please allow at least two to three hours for your consultation. If we do not need to perform additional tests, the duration of your visit may be shorter. During your evaluation, it may become necessary to perform more tests such as extra mammogram views, a non-scheduled ultrasound, extended counseling, etc. Unscheduled, yet needed, extra workup requires more time than expected and may prolong your visit.

Pre-assessment Forms
Please complete all forms given to you and answer all questions thoroughly. This information is very important to better understand and evaluate you. These forms may be downloaded from our website and completed prior to your visit. Please remember to bring all these forms and other necessary information to your appointment. Please keep in mind that the forms you are required to fill out are for your own benefit. You will also be provided HIPAA confidentiality forms, which are now required by law.


Please remember that it is your responsibility to present your current insurance card, forms, and physician referrals available at the time of your visit. We assist you in any way we can and are available to discuss any financial concerns you may have. Our clinic participates in most commercial insurance plans, pre-certify procedures when needed, and file all insurance claims for our patients once the correct insurance information is provided .
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